Workshop for the production of crane components

Energoremont-Galabovo AD started the production of components for equipment for mobile cranes TADANO- model AC 60 and AC 80

Each consists of 1 vehicle frame (chassis), 1 superstructure, 4 consoles

The new production workshop is equipped with the necessary assembly equipment, welding plans and assembly technologies have been created.

Work stations with special assembly tables, located in a technological sequence, are designated in order to optimize the production process.

We designed and built a rotator for efficient and easily accessible chassis welding. This reduced the welding time by 2 days.

We work on the design, manufacture and installation of tools and equipment to avoid future deformations during welding and guarantee dimensions with the necessary tolerances.

GPS: 42°08'56.7"N - 42.149086 25°54'26.2"E - 25.907217